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ChurchAds.Net, previously know as the Churches Advertising Network (CAN), has secured the services of some of the UK's top award winning advertising executives and designers, who give their work to the church for free.

ChurchAds.Net is an ecumenical network operating with a council of reference which includes a bishop and leaders from across the church denominations.

The network has been supported by the Jerusalem Trust for a number of years, enabling it to create high quality radio adverts and establish a national radio advertising campaign by paying for airtime. The trust is continuing its support of the new strategy and will be expanding its funding for the next three years by providing financial support for a holistic campaign.

This will include funding for advert creation and production; media costs for radio, posters and internet; and buying national airtime and strategic poster sites. We hope that with this excellent base of funding, church groups across the country will be encouraged to help build the campaign and strengthen the message by funding radio and poster adverts in their own local media.

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