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With Christmas fast approaching, the Church Ads team with ITN Productions has released two videos for churches and individuals to use for free in services and on social media.

The videos, which were viewed nearly 300,000 times in first seven days, are a powerful reminder of the good news that Christians celebrate at Christmas – the birth of the saviour of the world!

Hey 2016! What happened to the love? speaks into the darkness seen so many times during 2016, but reminds viewers that only love can conquer hate.

With newsreel footage of wars, disasters and disruptions, this powerful video offers a different narrative to the gloom, showing that only hope, love and light are the answer.

The second video, CRAZY thing happens to guy at party!!, shows the importance of keeping Jesus at the centre of the festivities over the next few weeks.

Is he drunk, deluded or is this the divine? Watch how a nativity scene changes when Jesus is removed.

Churches are being encouraged to play these videos during Christmas services, or share them online, to spread the seemingly forgotten fact that Christmas Starts with Christ.

Download the videos here, or share them via our YouTube channels here.