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The campaign for Christmas 2001 represented a new direction, presenting a questioning, searching faith, under the slogan “What would love do now?”

The unmistakable sign of the cross in the bottom right corner of the frame provided the only visual clue that this is an advertising campaign on behalf of Christian churches. The question was placed on a black and white image, as it is applicable to almost any newspaper story presenting drama or human interest. We deliberately chose an image which provided no easy answer to the question we posed.

It was intended that the slogan and the cross would appear with a series of thought provoking and challenging images over the next two or three years. In the event, it was felt some of the adverts (we had several images) looked too much like campaigns for the homeless at Christmas, and the church focus was missing, although the image shown on the left was on target.

Two girls sitting with Christmas Presents, England, 2000,was taken by Abbas, a photojournalist specialising in religion. The image is actually a picture of his granddaughters on Christmas morning.