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For Christmas 2004, we focused on the original call centre: call God… the whole heavenly host of angels is waiting to hear from you. The campaign, and the concept of the call centre in heaven, was devised to remind us of the role of angels in the Christmas story…

> Asking Mary to be the mother of God’s Son
> Reassuring Joseph when he heard Mary was pregnant
> Warning the wise men about murderous King Herod
> Summoning the shepherds to the cradle

Several questions arose from the poster image…

Who are the people in the picture?

All kinds, different races, different ages, but we don’t know who. They were just chosen as warm, friendly faces.

Why the scribbled on wings?

So that people won’t take it too literally as someone’s picture of heaven! However, the idea of angels looking just like ordinary people is very ancient.

So you believe in angels?

An angel is a messenger. We believe God has messages for people – for us – as well as telling the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. Portrayed like this, we hope it also gives a view of God as listening to us, being accessible at any time, and in any place. The message of the angels is about peace and goodwill – we need that today.

Why the call centre?

Because God is listening, with no robotic voice telling you to hold or press the next button. Prayer is personal, not an electronic answer machine.

This campaign also featured radio ads – click here to hear them.