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This year’s Christmas campaign includes a new poster depicting the nativity in a bus shelter, which is being displayed at over 1,000 bus stops in December. Read about how the Archbishop of Canterbury visited his local bus shelter, and how you can use the shelter nearest you for a spot of carol singing!

Our campaign also featured a competition for individuals and groups to tell the Christmas story in under 30 seconds in a radio or video ad.

The campaign also includes two 30 second ads to run on commercial radio over Christmas, our Nativity animation as featured on YouTube, plus free cartoons by Taffy for use in church publicity. To find out more about the campaign, please click the links below…

> Download the poster
> Hear the radio ads
> Read more about the campaign (PDF, 3.5Mb)

The impetus for the campaign came from a recent poll which found that only 12 per cent of adults in Britain know the facts of the biblical Christmas story.

Chas Bayfield, the award-winning creative director who has coordinated the team behind the idea, says: “The inspiration for the 2008 campaign came from developing an animated film about the Christmas story last year, which was a real hit on YouTube.

“We wanted to carry on with this idea of retelling the Christmas story, but in a medium suitable for radio listeners. The new radio ads take on the style of a sports commentary and hope to engage in a humorous way with the youth audiences and encourage them to go to church to hear the Christmas story in full.”

Francis Goodwin, Chair of the Churches Advertising Network, says: “The increasing external pressures to secularise Christmas and even the attempts to rebrand it as ‘Winterval’ show that we cannot be complacent about actively promoting the Christmas story to a new generation, some of whom may never have had the invitation to get to know Jesus.”