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Research has revealed that 85 per cent of people agree with the statement that “Christmas should be called Christmas because we are still a Christian country”. But it also shows that only 12 per cent of adults know the facts of the Christmas story in any detail.

So if we Christians really want to keep Christmas focused on Christ, we must constantly re-tell the story of his birth in ways which engage positively with the public’s interest.

In the 21st century, proud parents-to-be proudly announce the coming birth by showing friends and family the scan of the baby. Our new Baby Scan Jesus poster (pictured left) uses this convention to place the birth of Christ in an ultra-contemporary context.

It is highly impactful. It has a sense of immediacy. It creates anticipation. And theologically it speaks of both the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ.

There is no doubt that it will capture people’s attention, generate headlines and create countless conversations about the true meaning of Christmas.

Church leaders across the denominations have welcomed the campaign and are urging churches all over the country to get involved. Read what church leaders have said here!


Our vision is to reach 40 million people by seeing the posterdisplayed on 2,010 poster sites and the radio commercialsaired on 200 stations.

As we all know, commercial advertising is particularly heavy in the weeks before Christmas. So there is fierce competition for the best poster sites and radio airtime.

Download the poster here