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In a radical twist to the traditional nativity scene and Christmas carols, the 2003 poster campaign followed the theme: “ask him for something”, and offered an alternative to the usual commercial Christmas, encouraging people to tap into a spiritual dimension instead.

The poster shows the infant Jesus dressed in a red Santa costume, chiming in with the poster’s strapline. Rev. Tom Ambrose, speaking for CAN, said: “The aim of the poster is to counter the materialism of Christmas in a fresh and challenging way. The greatest Christmas gift of all time is the present of God’s Son.”

As a sample of the coverage received by this campaign, see this piece in The Guardian.

The radio ads for the campaign put new words to four traditional Christmas carols, parodying today’s consumer culture. To hear the ads, click here.

The radio ad campaign, which won the Andrew Cross Award for best Radio Advert or Promotion, was broadcast more than 1,600 times on 36 independent local radio stations. Local groups placed the adverts on stations such as Radio City and BRMB, while Jerusalem Productions supported their broadcast on the Galaxy network of stations and London’s Kiss 100FM.

Some 8.2 million people were reached, many in the 15-25 age group.