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Back in the summer we sent out an email asking for five minutes of your time in completing a survey for us. We are so thankful to those that took the time to give us their feedback – more than 136 of you. We gleaned lots of useful information from you all on what’s useful and what isn’t in your drive to engage your neighbourhoods in the Good News of Christmas and Easter.

More than 60 per cent of responders used our free publicity material, with favourites being the self-editable Christmas Starts with Christ posters (42%) to display around your towns, followed by our online YouTube and Facebook videos (22%) for sharing on and downloading and our radio adverts (10%) that churches club together to buy airtime for reaching millions of people across the UK.

We found that many churches use print to communicate from posters (70%) to newsletters and magazines (66%). But digital means of communication for churches was fast catching up, with website used by 61 per cent, email by 59 per cent, Facebook by 55 per cent and Twitter used by 18 per cent.

When producing or looking for publicity to use, 85 per cent of churches are aiming the message at the general public, but 85 per cent also want to appeal to existing worshippers. A further 55 per cent want to target lapsed worshippers with the material.

Finally, the age ranges you want to pack a punch with from your advertising are between 35 and 65. Are we missing the younger generations with our communications?

We were pleased to learn that 47 per cent of you said you wanted publicity material for Christmas, so look below to see the resources launched for 2016 and a back catalogue of useful free material to capitalise on.

Finally, the moment those that took the survey have been waiting for: drum roll, please! The winner of the prize draw – of £100 worth of Amazon vouchers for your church – randomly drawn from the digital Christmas hat was Stephen Bazely of Christ Church Willaston, Chester. Well done, the tokens will be winging there way to you soon in time for Christmas.