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christmas 2012 poster
The poster for the 2012 Christmas campaign.
To use previous posters in our "Christmas starts with Christ" campaign, please follow the links below.
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Bus shelter nativity   Baby scan Jesus

Our long running campaign is "Christmas starts with Christ". Each year we aim to retell elements of the Christmas story in a contemporary way. Last year we focused on fashion, the year before we featured a baby scan and before that a bus stop nativity.

This year, we're retelling the story with an eye-catching, brown-eyed Godbaby doll in a blue babygrow, with the slogan, "He cries. He wees. He saves the world."

The striking image of a fictional "Godbaby toy" aims to make the Christmas story appeal to the younger generation and puts Christ at the centre of conversations. The doll represents the baby Jesus and plays on the idea of Christmas being a time when everyone is searching for that "must-have" Christmas gift.

This obsession means we focus too much on the material nature of the festival and miss the point that Jesus, the true Godbaby, was born human and must never be turned into a commodity.

We believe the poster, which will be on billboards nationwide and also outside local churches is a powerful and engaging way of telling the world that Jesus, who was God but also human, came to save us.

Bishop Nick Baines supports the campaign and says: "It's another strong and arresting image. It will surprise some and disturb others. Which is exactly what the real Jesus did. And it forces us beyond the tinsel to the human reality of 'God among us'."

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Alongside the poster, we're also offering two radio commercials which tell the nativity story in the style of commentary on a football match and a horse race. A grant from Jerusalem Productions will help us put the poster in major billboard sites around the country, and broadcast the radio ad on youth-oriented radio stations.

This is our invitation to local churches to join in the campaign. The poster and radio commercials are available for free download here. And there's also a special resource pack for churches full of good ideas on how to make the campaign work for you.

Despite all the millions of pounds which go into marketing Christmas products every year, many people want Christmas to remain rooted in Christian values. In research, 85 per cent of people in the UK agree that "Christmas should be called Christmas because we are still a Christian country." That's great, but on the negative side, only 7 per cent of 18-24 year-olds know the Christmas story.

Let's work together and remind people that Christmas starts with Christ!